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tv   Headline News  RT  October 14, 2013 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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george really. i'm on the job. but the world's largest borrow it just days now from defaulting on its debt international lenders begin to panic about the consequences of america failing to reopen its frozen government. i. m there in the south of moscow leads to violent riots with hundreds of arrested after revolves chanting anti migrant slogans storm a shopping center and clash with police. to syria's key opposition group bails on brushing u.s. brokered peace talks in this program we look at how the lengthy conflicts devastated once prosperous cities and forced people to take up a. loaf
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just joined us for a good morning to just after eleven am nehra moscow name is kevin zero in this is r.t. and our top story in just three days the u.s. will be forced to make a decision that will affect the entire global economy if lawmakers don't find a way to reopen the frozen government and then agree to raise the national debt ceiling america will default on its debts and if that happens the shock would be felt well beyond its own borders artie's innocent now it has the details. well there's been no headway over the weekend between democrats and republicans coming to some kind of agreement on how to raise or whether or not to raise the debt ceiling without said without a us budget in place the government has run out of money to pay thousands of federal workers but that's nothing compared to what we'll see possibly see on
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thursday october seventeenth at midnight if the u.s. doesn't secure a debt rising of its debt ceiling will have to default on its over sixteen and a half trillion dollars of borrowings and that threatens to thrust the global economy back into recession so you have the rest of the world very wary very panicking you have the heads of various major financial organizations global financial organizations like the i.m.f. the world bank speaking out i.m.f. chief christine lagarde talking about how american legislators need to be responsible but this bickering is ridiculous they need to find a way to get through this to the rest of the world doesn't have to pay for these dire consequences you have the head of the world bank speaking about how a default would affect developing economies as well as the developed world of men you of course have u.s. trade partners who are watching very closely some of them terrified countries like china huge economic partners what will happen to them if the u.s.
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does go head into fall will according to experts whether or not it happens on thursday china is still going to rethink the way it does business with the united states here's jeffrey summers of the university of wisconsin milwaukee and united states of course is an economy which leads global credit and the foreign purchase of its treasury bills so this puts it in a very curious position moving forward in terms of the ability to fund many of its programs domestically for those countries in which a fine and a very very big player within their economies they're very very nervous so i think you should get further fuel to of course china has been. trying to see if you could coordinate a new order which would be less dollar based and this first u.s. shutdown in seventeen years has seen an eight hundred thousand or so federal workers not have work basically receiving no pay not being called in and then you have reports of thousands of others workers basically being threatened with dismissal if they don't work for no pay so people here of course are not happy you
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have protests breaking out especially in the capital here over the weekend a group of truckers came in towards the u.s. capitol covering the beltway really blocking traffic trying to get awareness there you had veterans this sunday coming together and coming to memorialize let's not forget that parks and landmarks are being closed due to the shutdown because there's no one to work there no one to keep up the maintenance so there was thousands of protesters who in fact broke through a barricade on sunday to try to get to a world war two monument they were peaceful just chanting slogans like break down these walls singing patriotic songs but yet there were riot police they are ready to go to control these veterans the veterans saying that military personnel and their colleagues are being used as political pawns in this government shutdown and if the u.s. does go ahead and default of course those protests are expected to get worse not to
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mention the effects it will have on the rest of the world they're going to change the way they see the united states the rest of the world is not going to forget these couple of days leading up to this to fall whether or not it happens the u.s. economic reputation has of course been changed this is now it will while the u.s. looks to stave off economic disaster the votes of other countries it's too late bit later this hour of two reports on the situation in greece where the country's oldest universities now going out of business. with next story from moscow must look to the south of the city with thousands joining protests over the murder of a local resident that was from russia's north caucasus almost four hundred people were arrested as one of the shopping center clashing with police. as the details. their rides didn't start off of violently in fact they started off as a gathering of local residents who are concerned with the investigation of the into
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the death of a local man who was killed last week of the only witness in his case was his girlfriend who said that the attacker was known slavic origin presumably according to police he is hailing from northern caucasus which is essentially a part of russian federation however those who have shown up at the rally over the weekend most of them seem to have been members of nationalistic groups as well as football fans and they have essentially hijacked the rally shouting ethnic as well as racist slogans and they have turned their anger against migrant workers a lot of whom are working at the shopping center as well as their produce warehouse nearby while some of them were smashing storefront windows others are said to have been looting stores inside afterwards they took to the streets where they were clashing with police overturning cars destroying a kiosk selling watermelons which provided for some colorful and somewhat pictures
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and then they wanted to head on over to the to the produce warehouse nearby they were stopped by riot police however we know several police of personal have actually been wounded at least one of them received a blow to his head with a broken bottle there were fears that riots could last well into the night over by midnight police have declared that the scene was essentially cleared of all rioters almost exactly three years ago in december of two thousand and ten to be precise murder of a football fan by a representative from the from the northern caucasus region over russia also sparked massive riots in the center of moscow the square around five thousand people came out most of them again football fans and not just a nationalistic group so also shouting racist slurs. they also were confronted by the right police who have also clear the russian capital of the mayhem which
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were they were essentially subjecting this city to so the tension is steps i did it but definitely there is still some apprehension hanging in there. reporting there were four more occurrence that broke out in so the mosque or you go to our web site r t v dot com where you'll find dramatic pictures from it as well as reaction to what happened in the city over the last forty eight hours you can see there are a lot of pictures lined up if you want to see more of. the syria peace conference planned for geneva will not be attended now by a leading opposition group the national syrian council moscow and washington are both staking a lot on those talks as a way to try to find a solution to the deadly civil conflict because the longer it lasts the more once peaceful cities become war zones and once peaceful citizens take up arms ati's paulus leo reports next from the embattled city of homs. this is the front line as watched by a syrian army sniper that you know of when you see somebody shoot you are after
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a thousand days of war this is what victory looks like and the eerie silence of what once was the vibrant quarter of battleship twenty meters from here rebel fighters hold the ground while the army does the same squeeze between a few streets that throw up unexpected heroes from among the rubble of this horrible mess had an account of this was unknown and syria before and i knew nothing of this before the war the significance of going on the level of two and a half years ago last summer was a school teacher the twenty nine year old signed up for war that suddenly shattered right inside his classroom and he saw some volunteered his pin passion for kalashnikov. that something happened because i was teaching at a mortar shell landed in the studio there were a lot of victims i remember as i held one little girl who had been killed and seeing a blood i felt so sorry for her family. they seem to like beheading even icons and
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start she answers that i mean these are the messages they want to send us the syrian army was based here so there was no military hears only in the sense of. some people here were praying for peace and this is one of the bombs that fell and one of the bombs that caused all this devastation this is their message to put it here just as a reminder of. the church of babel shum was built in eight hundred eighty five four hundred twenty six years it served as a house of sanctuary overnight it became a house of saud. so you hide behind. this yard is for the children it was also for many families as well they were killed because they refused to be the militants were from. all over the all the militants have been cleared out of this quarter but we're still here and we keep up a presence to protect the area and prevent the terrorists from returning. to trying to get the area back to normality to what it when we defeat them we will rebuild
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the structure and children will once again leave your prayers will be heard doesn't matter any more to the a handful of families are starting to return in the ravaged streets the sound of children's laughter punctuates the rumble of machine gunfire. and i remember when i used to play football just like them you know i have to carry a gun just so that they can play here safely when i was their age i dreamt of being a professional footballer and i'm sure they've got the same dream protecting them so nobody comes along to destroy their dreams. they were approaching sniper valley it's about twenty meters from here the sniper is and. explaining to me that i have x. on the right now we're going to go slowly and i think he's going to take my hand and we're going to run. ok. ok he's telling me not to be afraid and i don't know if it's if. i was that you ok ok i trust him and we're
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going to make a run for it ok three. if i can i cannot do that participating in the best interest we've got across but. it was over apparently one person was killed here betts i'm ok thank you. as night falls the streets of bubbles become more dangerous the soldiers light fires every few meters to help them see it as i mean some asks me to pray for him and his comrades you most of us he says will probably. the next time you visit policy r.t. double shot. syria. or meantime to the work of international organizations and syria's going to more difficult by the day seven aid workers from the red cross and red crescent were kidnapped by gunmen in the northeast of the country on sunday also two twin car bombs rocked the center of the capital damascus as well one of the mira hotel where the chemical weapons inspectors were staying my auction right
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is no expert on the syrian crisis he says some rebel groups are working to undermine international efforts we had this already in the past we if we think we know that you n. employees where were captured by rebels we had the un inspector team which was investigating ngata a couple of weeks ago which were attacked by sniper fire so it's not in the interest it's not at all in the interest of the so-called armed opposition those teams can approach always it would mean that all the difference which gave the syrian government as well as the whole earth which was almost expecting a regional war or even overt war in that area would complete. the situation and this is in the interest of the rebels. coming up a first for black gold rapid economic growth forces cellino to become the largest
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oil importer now in the world after the break we'll look at the prospects and pressures the rising demands placed on the far east of joy and. well told you my language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports for. the players to know i will leave them to the state department to comment on your latter point to say. to carry out a car is on the docket no god. no radio no more weasel words. when you need a direct question be prepared for a change when you should be ready for a. printout of speech and down the freedom to costs.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule the day. please. may disagree. but i believe america is exceptional. we can't.
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let. live. hello again those in the u.k. want a break from the european union will be angered by a new study suggesting jobless migrants from all across the e.u. are flocking to britain now so it looks on the news or in two thousand and six the u.k. was home to over four hundred thousand unemployed immigrants since then that figures increased by forty two percent there are currently over six hundred thousand of them and they come with a hefty price tag for britain's health care system to costing around one and a half billion pounds every year now you compare that to france and other european country with a large foreign born population it spends less than one percent of that on health care for its immigrants robert oulds director of the u.k. based anti e.u. bruise group told us native britons are becoming less well off because of uncontrolled immigration situation where people are coming in form predominantly
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eastern europe such as poland and no doubt more will follow from bulgaria and romania from the first of january when they can seek employment here is of course undermining the native british people of course they're working for less so the wages are being depressed and of course british people are finding that they're left on the scrapheap so to speak of course not everybody coming here is actually coming here for work some were coming here to use the national health service which is free some are claiming benefits and of course there's also pressure on school also in housing in london the cost of rents has gone up enormously because there's just so much demand we need food ration policy that suits british needs and where we can supply services for those who actually contributing in the u.k. whatever than this open door crozier we have at the moment. a great number of stories in our website if not check it out today r.t.
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dot com couple to alert you to cultural heritage up for sale in italy part of the country's no plan to put its historic car. villa as the venetian island on the market all appeared to try to keep its debt plagued economy afloat selling the country's jewel so to speak also night raids and extreme temperatures just a few of the methods used by the guards it's america's guantanamo bay prison to try to break up the ongoing detainee's hunger strike for that as well r.t. dot com. oil imports are surging in china making the biggest energy importer on the planet
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as you can see here beijing's increase its all purchases steadily in recent years finally than outpacing the u.s. last month the rapid growth of industry infrastructures created an insatiable demand for fuel. enough looks at the benefits and the implications of china's ambitions. yet again china is number one this time surpassing the united states as the world's biggest importer of oil what's more according to u.s. government findings china is expected to remain the top global gas guzzler well into the next year part of that reason is china's economy is growing as well as rising auto sales that has increased demand as a result of china's use more oil than it can actually produce having to turn to outside sources in order to fill that gap americans still consume more oil per person but china is slowly catching up on the one hand it is a sign of progress the economic boom has raised incomes and to china's influence around the world china's economy may be cooling but it's still expected to grow by
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nearly eight percent this year which is well above forecasts for the united states but this is one world beating achievement of the chinese leaders may not actually want they've seen the experience of the united states economy often hostage to political instability in the middle east importing more also means less energy independence it's forcing china to rely on countries like saudi arabia as well as a rawn and communist leaders see that as a weakness because of instability in the gulf as well as iran's political isolation . well over and over again china has proven its capacity to surge ahead and to beat out rivals the question is whether china will be able to avoid its rivals mistakes this is catherine elf r.t. moscow. world news in brief for us for just a chip so used thursday disputed borders of the army has been a score to support by venezuela's navy the vessel is reportedly conducting studies for tax and all company awarded a contract to search for oil close to but as well it claimed it entered its
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territory the crew including five americans were held on board while the owners are working with the u.s. government to secure the release of the ship. in china this dramatic video shows dozens of people plunging into the water where this wouldn't bridge used to board a ferry collapsed under them fortunately nearby park employees were able to throw inflatable life or exam quickly ten people did the hospital treatment and investigations being held into why the bridge which was only open in september collapsed. some two million muslims travel to saudi arabia's holy city of mecca to begin the annual five the pilgrimage is a central pillar of islam includes march to medina where the prophet muhammad's buried this year the number of pilgrims has been restricted though by the saudi government because of concerns over respiratory virus centered on the arabian peninsula. the economic crisis in greece has forced the oldest university in athens to close down along with seven others with ministrations says they can no longer function after government cutbacks slashed staffing levels and no students should
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have started a new academic year of left in limbo artie's andrew farmer reports. students have studied athens university since the middle of the nineteenth century but today they carry placards not books youth will fight austerity it says the message is black and white america the anger aimed at government cutbacks but you force the university to close. of course i'm concerned right now a lot of the students you know in schools in universities feel that they have no future here. the protesters are heading towards the greek parliament among them administrative workers who've borne the brunt of the redundancies archivists treasury employees and security guards standing alongside students who should be starting a new academic year across town it's a similar story at the national technological university so this auditorium should
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be full of students right now it has absolutely fortunately it's because of the serious cutbacks in a minister at the of personal level and in public subsidies we cannot work we have to choose not to work because there is no possibility for that in fact empty lecture halls and desolate corridors can be seen it eighteen of the cities across greece all deciding to shut this cut back slash their admin staffing levels by as much as forty percent back at the demonstration one lecturer shows me a letter being sent to universities around the world asking for their support there is a serious threat against greek universe it's against greek public universities so everybody fears. people who are going to lose their jobs and that public universities will be i think of the past in a few months it is a desperate attempt to protect the higher education system but the greek government
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at this stage stands for a deal. struck with the e.u. and i.m.f. to secure funding means four thousand public sector jobs have to be axed by the end of the year and another twenty five thousand posts have to be redeployed it isn't going to happen without a fight while this latest demonstration has ended had sought the ministry for administrative reforms which many people but i fear that cutbacks all the way through the process they have been singing chance including people will know if they buy and that history is written with resistance and they really do believe that expression themselves they have done today can make a difference and. athens. got some great programs lined up here today in front coming up after the break we look at the concept of u.s. exceptionalism and how it affects the rest the world special program only a couple of minutes from now.
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switzerland will soon vote if they should start giving out thousands of dollars in cash to every adult citizen in the country you heard me right there's a grassroots campaign that is trying to get the government to give out to every adult citizen two thousand five hundred swiss francs approximately two thousand eight hundred dollars per month the motivation for the project is that many in switzerland fear that the financial crisis has caused wealth inequality to skyrocket you know i'm not an expert at swiss culture so maybe people there are different but if they gave out thousands of free dollars per month anywhere i've lived you would see the majority of people going into early retirement and not working at all and it's sort of like how they tell people not to feed the bears at parks because then the bears lose their instincts and will go hunt because getting a sandwich thrown at them is a lot easier i mean why go through the effort of month when the sandwich just magically appears handouts often creates law according to reuters some people are
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proposing a much better law for switzerland living. executive pay to be twelve times higher than that of the lowest paid employee although this plan is making headlines it seems like a much better idea because it doesn't do motivate people to be productive and yet it would create almost utopia like levels of wealth equality also if the bosses salary is tied to the employees that a lot of people be getting raises very soon this one to twelve pay ratio is much better than the free swiss francs and it gets my seal of approval but that's just my opinion. israel is the country iran threatens to wipe out with them the iranian leadership. there is no difference between rouhani and. she for his visit to new york through honey publicly declared that their goal is to annihilate israel.
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america be. an exceptional american exceptionalism testimony to american exceptionalism and exception the united states of america is exceptional what makes us for this except.
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some may disagree. but i believe america is exceptional. in part because we. shown a willingness through the sacrifice of blood and treasure to stand up not only for our own merits self-interest but for the interests of all. i agree america is exceptional but what's exceptional about my country is that. we did exceptionally bad things we do it well. we do it often. we do it and no one else can. taking action and doing things without accountability that other nations cannot get away with flying this standard of international norms when we ourselves do not adhere to that same standards it's something many of us take pride in self-appointed right to dominate destroy. and take control. only that's not what
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it's called here it's called american exceptionalism and it's been around for a long time. the original meaning of it of course comes from the u.s. communist party which in one thousand twenty seven was telling stalin that they were having trouble trying to get american workers to make revolution against capitalism because of american exceptionalism nope. even further back to the beginning the true american exceptionalism i think was during the founding generations when they wanted a limited government that didn't interfere in other people's business so the phrase has been completely turned around. so what exactly is american exceptionalism today well remember this yes we can yes we can yes we can yes. yes. that's it yes we can do whatever want we.